US-Soldaten können unsere Dienstleistungen taxfree in Anspruch nehmen. Bitte bringen Sie hierzu folgende Dokumente am Tag der Fahrt mit:

  • Truppenausweis der empfangsberechtigten Person
  • VAT Tax Form der empfangsberechtigten Person (AE Form 251-6B - amount of purchase less than EURO 2,500)
  • Anschrift für die Rücksendung an die empfangsberechtigte Person

Am Tag der Fahrt ist der Gesamtbetrag zu bezahlen ohne Mehrwertsteuer. Unser Office füllt anschließend das Formular aus und schickt es Ihnen per Post zu.


US soldiers can take up our services taxfree. Please, bring moreover the following documents on the day of the journey:

  • Troop identity card of the person authorised to receive
  • VAT Tax form of the person authorised to receive (AE form 251-6B - amount of purchase less than 2,500 euros)
  • Address for the return to the person authorised to receive

On the day of the journey the total is to be paid without value added tax. Afterwards our office fills the form and sends it to you by post. 


Wichtige Informationen zu VAT forms:

A VAT form is a document that you can use on the economy to receive tax relief on purchases.

The amount of tax relief varies from vendor to vendor and can from 7%-19%. The goods and services purchased must be for the sole benefit of the authorized user.

VAT forms are $5.00 each per form paying $50.00 for ten.  A customer may have up to 10 forms outstanding at any one time under the sponsors’ social security number.

Germany imposes a Value-Added Tax (VAT) of either 19% or a reduced rate of 7% on most items/services purchased.  This tax is similar to a sales tax in the U.S. but it is generally already added into the price.  That means the sticker price already includes either the 19% or 7% VAT.  The full rate of 19% is charged on most items/service.  The reduced rate of 7% is charged on basic food staple items (milk, flour, eggs, etc), some magazines, books, hotel stays, etc.  Some services and some used items may not include a tax that can be extracted.

You may be able to have the sticker price reduced by extracting the 19% or 7% VAT when making qualifying purchases through a U.S. Forces VAT Office.


Visit the VAT office and register for tax relief.

Determine the type of tax relief purchase you need:

Under 2,500 Euro Un-priced purchase orders

  • You may acquire up to 10 forms at one time.
  • The forms are valid for 2 years from issue.
  • The forms may be used by authorized family members only.

Over 2,500 Euro Priced purchase orders

  • You first need to obtain a cost estimate made out to the tax relief office.
  • The VAT Office will process the application, the German tax document (Abwicklungsschein) and the payment method that the vendor and customer select (e.g. certified US dollar or Euro check).  All checks must be made payable to 86th FSS and the vendor.

*You then deliver the payment along with the purchase order to the German company to place the order.

Pay the VAT office for the service you are purchasing.

  • Deliver the orders and purchase payment to vendor.
  • Ensure that the vedor and you complete, sign and date your transaction.
  • The vendor keeps the German tax document (Abwicklungsschein) and one copy of the purchase order.
  • The customer keeps the first carbon (pink copy) and the original (white copy) is returned to the VAT office.


  • Use with home-based or German-licensed business
  • Permitting unauthorized (non-ID card) personnel to use your forms
  • Making a tax-relief purchase for an unauthorized person
  • Purchasing utilities (e.g. heating oil) for your landlord or other non-authorized personnel
  • Obtain tax-relief for major home remodeling or new contstruction
  • Precious metals
  • Loose gemstones
  • Real estate or construction of permanent structures and fees associated with them
  • Weapons not accepted by AE Form 2496 (USAREUR Application for Firearm Registration)
  • Telephone bills
  • Purchases outside of Germany
  • Process tax-relief “after-the-fact”
  • Stocks and bonds
  • VAT forms are for one-time purchases only
  • Contracts over 30 days (e.g. cellphone or internet)

Value Added Tax Office
Ramstein Air Base
VAT Office
Bldg 2118
VAT Forms - Room 136
Utilities & Out Processing - Room 118
DSN 480-5309 || CIV 06371-47-5309

Pulaski Barracks Kaiserslautern
VAT office
Bldg 2925
VAT Forms

DSN 493-1780 || CIV 0631-3406-1780


Kleber Kaserne Kaiserslautern
VAT office
Bldg 3245
VAT Forms - Room 109

DSN 483-1780 || CIV 0631-411-1780


Smith Barracks Baumholder
VAT office
Bldg 8661
VAT Forms - Room 148

DSN 485-1780 || CIV 06783-6-1780


One Stop Shop Landstuhl
VAT office - Landstuhl Post
Bldg 3810
VAT Forms

DSN 486-1780 || CIV 06371-86-1780

Telefon Hotline

Montag 10:00 - 21:00
Dienstag 10:00 - 21:00
Mittwoch 10:00 - 21:00
Donnerstag 10:00 - 21:00
Freitag 10:00 - 05:00
Samstag 10:00 - 05:00
Sonntag 12:00 - 21:00

Telefon-, Email- & Chat-Support

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